Ice Fishing

Even in cold weather, you are only seconds away from a warm and toasty shack, thanks to a wood-burning stove and an unlimited supply of firewood. Each hut is complete with lighting, room to sleep three or four comfortably and a two-burner propane stove, so you can cook some of your catch.

Not sure if ice fishing is for you? Give Sugar Shack a try. You can even fish from the warmth and comfort of your own hut, by using one of the holes cut right into the floor.

3 person hut
five huts only
8feet by 12 feet wood stove heat and pripane furnace

day only 75.00
overnight two fulldays sunup to sun down 150.00
2 overnights three days 190.00

4 person
one hut only
10 by 12 propane furnace

day only 95.00
overnight two full days sun up to sun down 190.00
2 overnights three days 250.00

5 person hut
one hut only
12 by 16 woodstove heat

day only 120.00
overnight two fill days 240.00
2 overnights three days 300.00

ALL PRICES are subject to HST

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